Saturday, February 11, 2017

Increase Your Sales By 200, 400 even 800 percent In 12 MONTHS-- Direct To Consumer Medical Device Marketing

I'm 59 and the reason I'm continually documenting what I know to be fact is because I've helped millions of entrepreneurs globally and want to help more.

I'd like to see thousands of people in the medical devic9 industry know what I know.

Here we go for today....

When you have a prospect audience (prospects are garnered from suspects that you speak to after using direct response avenues and then narrow down the suspects to prospects as they respond) you now have to make them customers.

Let's say you know that folks who buy from you are doing so for THREE VERY specific reasons. Knowing this will take some outbound telemarketing; you should contact at least 100 recent customers and ask them why they bought?  They will tell you.  If possible make the calls yourself (even if you are the CEO), you will be fascinated about how much your customers have to say.  Simply ask them "why did you buy our product?"

Do the same thing with your new prospects.  Here's a great question to ask current prospects, "why did you call or respond for more information?"  They'll tell you--those are your hot buttons and you will find the same hot buttons that prospects have are the same as your current customers.  They might have a different sequence to their number one, number two, or number three reasons as to why they responded to your lead generation, but it will probably be the same sequence of hot buttons that your customers have.

Then you stress by order of the prospects hot buttons why they need to buy today. This is how you specifically move a prospect to customer. YOU SELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BUY!

I see the Medical Device industry GOING TO THE MOON because rich people are going to take care of themselves with Obama Care in place.  I could see $15,000-50,000 worth of medical devices in a person's home who's making over $1,000,000 a year within 5 years if medical device companies learn how to get prospects and then convert them to customers.

If the medical device companies ignore hot buttons as described herein then I'll be wrong, (but I doubt it). Direct Marketing is the path to prosperity in medical device sales.

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                                                  written by Brad Richdale
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