Friday, January 4, 2013

Comparing the NYSE:LLY, Cialas TV Ad vs. The Axiron TV Ad-FEATURES VERSUS BENEFITS

The Cialis TV (Lilly) ads do a great job of describing the problem that men have as they age with their peripheral nervous system and then they position their product uniquely as the ONLY logical solution to the problem.  Their unique selling proposition is "lasts 36 hours so you're ready when you need to be" (rather than 8 hours like Viagra).  This a benefit, not a feature.

The Axiron ad tries to position itself differently with a feature, "apply to your underarm."

Unlike the Cialis TV ad the Axiron ad doesn't focus on a benefit it focuses on a feature--features are far less compelling than benefits.  So what if you can apply Axiron to your underarm?  Will that get a prospect to switch from another competitive brand?  Do you have a benefit that Andro Gel doesn't have?

Are you selling benefits or features?  Features are nice but benefits close sales--they move people emotionally.  Emotion causes sales, and logic reinforces emotional decisions.

Think about new benefits that could expand your medical device marketing and possibly a DeNovo claim.

Ask your customers if they have noticed any other benefits other than what was intended and claimed.

In my company's case we found out by accident what we could do in treating CIPN (chemotherapy induced peripheral neurotherapy), PN and diabetic PN.  There's no one that can do what we can in this arena and it's a huge market starving for a solution.

We already knew what we could do for the Longevity market but Longevity is a preventive sale; being the only company with a patented  treatment for a condition that 35% of all chemotherapy patients and 50% of diabetic patients suffer from is a much easier market to sell to because we are solving a problem rather than preventing one.  This is critically important in direct marketing medical devices, direct to consumer medical marketing, marketing drugs to consumers and direct to consumer medical device marketing.

Who knows maybe you can find a benefit like Pfizer did for Viagra.  I'll bet those scientists at Pfizer were laughing pretty hard when they found out a new benefit accidentally.

To be a Pfizer salesman with Viagra samples must have been fun.

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