Saturday, July 19, 2014


For years of my direct marketing career I used direct mail to generate up to 50% of my lead flow.  The number one thing that matters in direct mail is the lists you are testing.  There is an industry term used in direct mail, RFM. This three letter word stands for recency, frequency and monetary value or what I call unit of sale, or in other words how much did they spend?

FACEBOOK CONNECT hasn't gotten that good yet where you can monitor RFM but FACEBOOK (NASDAQ:FB) FB is now following its users all over the internet and logging not just where you go but what you buy and how much you pay. Spooky isn't it.

So if you are direct marketing medical devices, direct to consumer medical marketing or direct to consumer medical device marketing or direct to consumer drug marketing you can use FACEBOOK CONNECT (where you can now also use video) and find lists of people that are your ideal prospects.

Unlike direct mail this is electronic so you can get your results instantly.

Here's an incredibly informative video with Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins and his partner discussing how they are making so much money with this new ad program.  Here's the kicker, like Google Display Network, FACEBOOK will now guarantee your acquisition cost.  Check out if you want to learn about the GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK.

This video is 45 minutes long and you should watch it three times and take notes while you do as there are some brilliant ways to do on line espionage on your competitors.

Take notes and pay attention you will learn a lot.

                                                           written by Brad Richdale

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